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Company Type: Music Publisher
Contact Name:
Main Phone:
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Main Email:
Alt Email:
Active Company: Yes
Company URL:!home
Submission URL:
Agreement Type:
Accepts Submissions: Yes
Submission Fee: Unknown
Submission Instructions: The following information can be found here:!custom_page?pageId=1350 "Thank you for taking an interest in LAB HITS. We are looking forward to hearing your music! SUBMITTING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. NO UNCLEARED LOOPS OR SAMPLES 2. COMPLETE, MIXED, MASTERED and label release ready songs/tracks only. 3. Include all contact info within your email. 4. Send only streaming links (Soundcloud, etc.) of your music. No attachments please. 5. Please refer to our section below regarding our current music needs. 6. Email:"
Retitle: Unknown
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