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Alt Company Name: Jingle Punks
Company Type: Music Library
Contact Name:
Main Phone:
Alt Phone2:
Main Email:
Alt Email:
Active Company: Yes
Company URL:
Submission URL:
Agreement Type:
Accepts Submissions: Unknown
Submission Fee: Unknown
Submission Instructions: The following information can be found here: "Share Your Music with GoPro Media Group and Beyond GoPro's Media Group is starving for music tracks of all kinds that we can consider for use as soundtracks for our video edits. We use our videos to promote the GoPro brand and our line of camera products and accessories. Therefore, we appreciate permission to use your music for commercial purposes. How We Use Your Music Here are a few examples of the types of videos we produce, how we integrate soundtracks into our edits, and how we help bands and artists GoPro just like we do athletes, filmmakers and photographers: We are not in the business of selling or licensing your music to 3rd parties. We only want to use your music to produce GoPro videos and promote GoPro camera products. This is a cross-promotional, co-branding opportunity between Gopro and you / your band / label / song. What You Get In Return In exchange for permission to use your music in our video edits, we will give you / your label credits in both the video file and on page description. Your music and name will be presented whenever our videos are watched, which will equate to millions of viewers over time. 3.5M+ views on the above 4 videos and growing. For full scope of opportunity, please check out views across all our videos at GoPro on"
Retitle: Unknown
Contract Length:
License Split:
PRO Split:


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